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Choose Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Waldorf, MD

Look At These Amazing Waldorf Hardwood Floor Transformations!


Waldorf's Hardwood Floor Cleaning, Wax Removing, and Recoating Experts

Your hardwood floors deserve the best, and that’s what we offer at BrivanPro Floor Cleaners in Bowie, MD. Our highly-trained hardwood floor specialists have the experience needed to safely clean, recoat and restore the appearance of even the softest wood floors so they will look better than ever.
If you are ready to give your floors the deep clean they have been waiting for, give us a
call today to request an honest, upfront quote.

All In One Hardwood Restoration Services

We offer all the services you need to give your floors a deep clean while conditioning them and giving them a nice shine. See what we have to offer. 

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floors need to be cleaned with care to avoid scratches, warping, and soil
getting pushed into the wood grains. We use commercial-grade scrubbers to gently lift
dirt away without damaging your floors.

Hardwood Floor Wax Removal 

Did you know that many cleaning products sold in stores can contain waxy materials?
Over time, this wax can build up and dull the appearance of your floor. We will remove
this wax so that the natural beauty of your wood can shine through. 


Hardwood Floor Screen and Recoating

Do you have light scratches in your wood floor’s finish? We can restore the polyurethane
coating on your floors with our hardwood floor recoating services. We start by lightly
sanding your floors and adding a new finish, so they look better than ever. Contact us
today to schedule your consultation.


How Our Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services Work

Step 1: Pre-Inspection
Contact us today to schedule your service. We’ll come to your home and inspect your
floors for any existing damage to determine the best course of action. 


Step 2: The Cleaning Process
We start by removing dry dirt and dust from your floors. Then we use a neutral cleaning
solution and state-of-the-art equipment to clean your floors gently. 


Step 3: Buffing
Once they are clean, we’ll dry your floors and buff them, leaving them with that good-as-
new shine. 


Step 4: Final Inspection

After we’ve finished buffing them, we’ll give them one last final inspection to ensure
they look great.


How Much Does Our Hardwood Restoration Services In Waldorf, MD Cost?

Professional hardwood maintenance services are one of the best ways to save thousands of dollars on the cost of new floors and can protect your floors from damage. Contact us today to find out how affordable our services can be.

Rejuvenate Your Floors Today
If you are ready to make your floors look new again, you are in the right place. Contact BrivanPro Floor Cleaners today for the best professional hardwood floor cleaning services in
Waldorf, MD.


Read what our customers are saying about our hardwood floor cleaning services

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"I used BrivanPro Cleaners to help me clean my hardwood floors and he did a wonderful job, my floors looked shiny
and brand new. Very professional from start to finish. Greatly recommend!"

Pearl W.

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"My natural red oak hardwood floors were cleaned and refinished by BrivanPro Cleaners and they look brand new --- ultra clean and shiny with vibrant color! I was also extremely impressed with the level of professionalism and customer service. I would highly recommend their services."

Sylvia B.

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"BrivanPro did a wonderful job restoring my hardwood floors. I almost hate to walk on them. Great Job!"

Karl P.


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